Criag Orr, Friends of FORMA Treasurer returns from Guatemala

I just returned from a one-month stay in the Solala region of Guatemala. Each time I visit I am moved and inspired by the spirit and warmth of the Guatemalan people.B634A724-BC56-44BE-9D84-28789B70485F

The highlight of my recent visit was my interaction with the scholarship students and youth of one of our partner organizations, FORMA GUATEMALA. I had the opportunity to participate in weekly training sessions with the high school level scholarship students. Each of the scholarship students is also responsible for a Saturday tutoring program for 4-8 year old students in their local communities. The young students they tutor are attentive and eager to learn.

The scholarship students are receiving valuable leadership training that will serve them well in their future years. I find them to be mature, focused and eager to make a contribution. I can see their growth and development from one year to the next.IMG_0024


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