Friends of FORMA Announces 2018 Special Projects

[submitted by Craig Orr, Friends of FORMA Board President]

Each year we have been able to fund our core programs of: 1) scholarships and life skills training for 24 middle and high school level students, 2) daily nutrition and hygiene programs at 3 elementary schools that service 300 students, and 3) staff two community libraries that serve as learning centers.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors we are also funding the following projects in 2018:

  • English instruction (5 hours per week) for our scholarship students
  • Literacy program for women in 2 communities (Buena Vista and Pena Blanca – 15 women and Monte Mercedes – 10 women)
  • Two tutoring programs for elementary school students (12 to 15 students in each program)
  • Purchase 4 laptop computers and internet service for Monte Mercedes learning center

All Friends of FORMA projects are selected with the objective of supporting our mission to provide education and nutrition assistance to children and families in impoverished rural areas of Guatemala.

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