Board of Directors

CharleyHoffman-BioPhotoPRESIDENT:  Charley Hoffman
Friends of FORMA President Charley Hoffman worked most of his career for the American Bankers Association, first as an Economist and then as an executive in Professional Development. Charley also taught for many years as an Adjunct Professor in the Economics Department at George Mason University. He, and his wife Barbara, have been active in a church-affiliated group responsible for providing meals to the homeless in Fairfax County Virginia where he lives. They have made trips to South and Central America a number of times, including a visit to the programs sponsored by FORMA – Guatemala.


cropped-randyTREASURER:  Randy Stephenson                           Friends of FORMA Treasurer Randy Stephenson is a committed educator. After retiring as a teacher with experience from elementary to high school, he taught English as a Second Language to adults at the Latin American Association in Atlanta.  Randy enjoys traveling and has spent time in Mexico, Panama, and Ecuador over the past few years, but it is Guatemala where he has felt a strong connection to the people.  Over the last couple of years, Randy has studied Spanish in Guatemala and has taken time to serve as a volunteer teacher in two primary schools.  In addition, he has worked directly with Friends of FORMA scholarship students as an English language tutor.  Randy’s experiences in Guatemala have given him an intimate understand of the educational and nutritional needs of the youth in Guatemala.


LynnetteSecretary: Lynnette Brown                               Lynnette is the volunteer secretary for the Friends of FORMA Board of Directors.  Throughout her life, she has worked in a variety of careers including elementary school counselor, university instructor, and laborer for the US Forest Service.  She has made several trips to Guatemala where she has studied at Spanish language schools, has volunteered in charitable works, and has witnessed first hand the educational and nutritional needs of the communities who will receive direct assistance from funds donated to the Friends of FORMA cause.


Board Member: Lucy Potts                                                                                                                            Lucy is a volunteer member of the Board for Friends of IMG_2363FORMA. She is a retired elementary school teacher who still volunteers in the schools on a daily basis.  She served on the board of the Center for New Life, a natural birthing center in Silver City, NM.  She is co-chairperson of the St. Francis Associates for the Needy, a local relief organization also in Silver City.  Ms. Potts has served the “Associates” for 35 years.  She also has experience working to house and shelter folks in need in Mexico.


WayneBOARD MEMBER: Wayne Brown                                             Wayne is a volunteer member on the Friends of FORMA Board of Directors.  From 2015 to 2016, he served as the president of the Friends of FORMA Board President.

Wayne is a retired school counselor and a copper miner.  Wayne frequently travels to Guatemala to attend Spanish language school and, several times, has served in humanitarian missions in Mexico, Brazil, and Guatemala.  He has first hand knowledge of the educational and nutritional needs of the Guatemalan communities targeted by the Friends of FORMA programs.