Forjando mi Mañana: FORMA – Guatemala

Forma Guatemala

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program provides funds for tuition and school related expenses to middle and high school level students who would otherwise be unable to attend.  Public school education is provided only through the sixth grade in Guatemala and the country has the highest illiteracy rate in Central America.  Students are select based on need and academic achievement.

Our scholarship students participate in monthly workshops to develop their leadership and life skills.  Each scholarship student receives mentor training and conduct weekly tutoring sessions with younger students in their communities.  The academic progress of each of our students is monitored and students receive one-on-one assistance as needed

Nutritional Assistance Program

Guatemala is a country with a high rate of malnutrition.  The lack of nutrition has an adverse impact on school performance and the overall development of youth and children.  Working with a partner organization, Friends of FORMA is raising funds to provide nutritional school snack programs in impoverished communities in Guatemala.

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