Librarian Salaries and Library Services


A community library is more than a depository of books; it is also a meeting place for children, youth and adults alike. In the commun20160204_144422ities served by Friends of FORMA, the libraries are well used. Friends of FORMA provides funding to staff libraries with full- and part-time librarians as well as providing books and office materials. The communities assume responsibility for the building, utilities and labor for any improvements. In fact, FORMA – Guatemala is providing materials for a new library building with restrooms that will benefit all in the community of Buena Vista, Sololá. The community members aDSC_0565re providing expertise and labor – as possible – to see the project to its completion.

The community library serves as the setting for adult literacy programs in the Highland communities where parents of our scholarship students can learn reading and writing skills. Friends of FORMA is committed to providing a range of community services aimed at skill development and empowerment.8EB11320-6B0B-4A03-9F2A-D7DBB9285399