IMG_0720-1Alvaro Josue Coj Sulugui

Alvaro Josue is a respectful, hard working, young man who lives with his  4 brothers, 1 sister and their 65 year old aunt. The children lost their parents, one to a mugging and one to illness, but continue to live as a family with strong ties. Their home language is Kaqchikel, the local indigenous Mayan language.

IMG_0993Most young people in this region leave school and home after the 6th grade to seek work in Guatemala City or another large city. Josue’s persistent ways led him to ask permission from his aunt and older brothers to continue his education after 6th grade. He won their permission. Then he needed to find a scholarship to fund his schooling. “Forjando mi Mañana” (FORMA – Guatemala) came through with the needed funding. Josue has worked hard to learn Spanish, he is now in the 9th grade and plans to start high school in January.

Josue is helping in the school library in Buena Vista. He is also a tutor for younger primary school studeDSC_0010nts; he credits this work with developing his confidence to speak in public and participate in public presentations for different groups. He will continue in the tutoring program started and sponsored by “Forjando mi Mañana.” Josue is an inspirational teenager; he is smart, polite, and a very cooperative young man.